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Start Line: Wait for Agility

Teaching your dog to WAIT is probably not everyone’s favourite exercise, but a good WAIT on the start line is so important and can influence the rest of a dog’s run. It is something to be really proud of once it has been achieved and so well worth investing the time and energy in. With a good WAIT some of the course is already conquered!

A WAIT in Dog Agility is different and probably harder to teach than a wait in everyday life.

Dogs will be more aroused and excited, so this has to be a consideration and needs to be trained for, which is the fun bit! Once the dog has an awesome start line WAIT, this needs to be practised often in order to maintain it. 
You will need a release command to tell your dog he is allowed to move. Unless you say this particular command your dog should not move. It is also very important he only moves on your verbal command not any signals or body language.

Enjoy training this and surprise everyone with your great start line WAIT.

You can take as long as you like to complete the course. Support will be for 6 weeks where you can ask questions, submit videos and discuss problems.  

COURSE FEE: £65.00

Please email me for bank details:

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